The way people work in offices can often hurt the environment: lights are left on, spaces heated and cooled unnecessarily, fuel and resources wasted. But whose job is it to drive change? And what specific improvements should be made? New insights arise from research on workers’ attitudes in the United States, the United Kingdom, and worldwide.

Demand Response: The State of the Market

Demand Response: The State of the Market

Demand response was designed to help electric utilities and grid operators lower the cost of meeting large but infrequent, short-duration demand peaks. Today, demand response helps those parties address a new set of challenges. A report from the Institute for Building Efficiency looks at how demand response has developed and the evolving programs offered today.

Increasing Demand for Demand Response

Increasing Demand for Demand Response

The success of demand response depends on customer awareness of programs and their willingness to subscribe. A new report from the Institute for Building Efficiency examines three key attributes that influence participation in demand response programs: attractive payments and incentives, appropriate level of complexity, and the ability to supply the resource requested.

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