Intelligent efficiency: A game-changer in building energy savings?

Intelligent efficiency: A game-changer in building energy savings?

Imagine building efficiency targeting more than specific components like boilers, chillers and windows. That’s the aim of intelligent efficiency, a systems-based approach to optimizing building performance based on information and communication technology. Business and non-government organization experts discussed the potential of some new technologies that support Intelligent Efficiency in an Institute for Building Efficiency roundtable dialogue.

Partnership announced to support building efficiency in cities

Partnership Announced to Support Building Efficiency in Cities

The World Resources Institute and Johnson Controls have announced a new Building Efficiency Initiative in the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. This new Building Efficiency Initiative will scale up the efforts of the Institute for Building Efficiency to provide expertise on the policies, practices and technologies for efficient, high performance buildings and energy systems around the world. Jennifer Layke, executive director of the Institute for Building Efficiency, will be on assignment to WRI to lead the first two years of the new Initiative’s activities.

2014 Energy Efficiency Indicator

2014 Energy Efficiency Indicator

The 8th annual Energy Efficiency Indicator survey shows improvements in key measures that signal increased interest and investment in energy efficiency in North America’s non-residential buildings. Numerous indicators show strong double-digit percentage point gains.

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Intelligent Efficiency:
A game-changer in building energy savings?
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